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Motorcycle & Off-Road Vehicle Quote Questionaire

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Other Operator Information
(any operator in or outside the household with regular access to insured vehicle more than 12 times per year)
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Driving Record
Please list Accidents and Moving Violations in the last 5 years for all drivers
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Vehicle Information
CC Size  
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)  
Special Hazard (Turbo or Nitros Oxide kit, modified frame?  
Special Construction Determination
(if vehicle falls into one of these categories, Physical Damage coverage is not available)

State Assigned VIN
Non-factory built MC/Trike
Not listed in Kelly Blue Book or NADA Appraisal Guide
Original Frame Replaced

Underwriting/Discount Information
Garaging Zip Code  
Passed Safety Course (past 3 years)  
Vehicle Use   Pleasure/Commute     Business
Off Road
Discounts   Homeowner 20%    Lo-Jack 20%
Multi-Policy 5%    Transfer 5%
Has there been 6 months continuous insurance coverage during the past 12 months?  
Prior Carrier  
Effective Dates  
Coverage Information
Liability/Guest Passenger Limits  
MED Pay  
Comp/Col Deductibles  
Total Loss Coverage  
Roadside Assistance  
Trip Interruption  
Transport Trailer  
Accessory Coverage    
Paint   $
Chrome   $
Wheels   $
Trike KitSaddlebags/Windshield   $
Pull Behind Trailer   $
Safety Apparel   $
Other   $
Total   $
Note to Customer: To provide an accurate quote, we have asked you numerous questions about yourself and your vehicle. As part of the quoting process, we will also be utilizing various consumer reports which may include reports regarding your credit history. All information we acquire may be provided to our insurance carriers. Please place your initials here if we have your permission to gather and share information as described herein:

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